There are three golden rules when attending interviews. Following these rules will give you a better chance of getting that job. We all have something we would prefer the interviewer didn’t linger over. For some it may be time spent unemployed; for others it may be something in their past that they would prefer to cover up, such as a lot of job changes or having stayed too long in a dead-end job. Few people have a perfect career history, owing to various circumstances, eg having a family, a period of ill-health, previous or current unem- ployment, imprisonment or detention. Some of us have had

Always be positive about previous jobs

It is important always to be positive about every job that you have had in the past. Why should this be so vital? Again, let us consider it from the employer’s point of view. Will it impress an interviewer to hear a candidate saying what a bad boss his or her last employer was? Will it sound good to hear another company being put down or maligned by a candidate, or will it make the employer think that the candidate could well be saying the same sort of thing about this company in a few years’ time?

Someone who moans about other organisations also creates an impression of surliness and a negative attitude. Nobody will be interested in employing such a candidate. A candidate who is positive and keen will be preferred.

Be enthusiastic and motivated

Nothing attracts people like enthusiasm. The candidate who exhibits such a characteristic has a great advantage, almost before anything else is said or taken into consideration. We are all more interested in working with the person who comes into work each day in a good mood and feeling positive about the job, rather than with the moaner or troublemaker who is always being negative.

Capitalise on your strengths

The only things that the interviewer knows about you are what you have put in your application or CV and what you are going to talk about in the actual interview. Therefore, what you say about yourself dictates the impression that the interviewer will have of you, ie your skills, experience and personality. The interviewer will be looking at you as a potential worker or member of staff – you need to imply that everything you have been doing so far has been leading up to this job, with this organisation, at this time. Couple that with your vision of the way the job should be handled from now on. Irresistible!