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The following are deliverables for analytics reporting and monitoring. These deliverables are critical to help inform the progress of your program, the performance impact of initiatives, and the identification of improvement opportunities.

Monthly/Quarterly Reporting

Regular SEO reporting is critical to an SEO program. It helps provide insight into the success of the SEO program and its tactics. Additionally, it helps keep traffic drops on the radar should there be any search engine algorithm updates, which happen frequently. Depending on which SEO platform tool you use, the report will provide keyword ranking, organic search traffic, and conversion tracking.

Google Search Console Monitoring

Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools are website management tools that can help communicate to search engines about website and SEO. It's important that you or your SEO team regularly monitor these tools for alerts, issues, or any performance changes.

Competitive Insights: SEO Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis typically measures two of your direct competitors, defined by you, to assess their SEO expert presence. Using a variety of tools, it looks at organic keyword rankings, pages indexed, coding analysis, link popularity, and other items that are important to search engine spiders. The analysis will provide best-in-class examples of SEO if available.

Website Redesign Consultation and New Website Consultation

This deliverable can be one whole deliverable or be composed of several. The goal of this deliverable is to help a brand team and website team create a new website that is as SEO optimized as possible. There are various web development deliverables that SEO teams can provide feedback on including wireframes, sitemaps, content ideas, page names, navigation, web page layout, HTML tagging, copywriting, URL structures, Redirect consulting and implementation assistance, quality assurance, and search console or webmaster tools monitoring.